Rev. Marissa Greentree

Founder/Creative Coach

What a privilege to have you visit Healing Arts Here! Rev. Marissa Greentree is, what you might call, the brain-child of the operation. In 2010, after escaping an abusive marriage and working on her own healing process, she noticed that she would experience less anxiety when she would sit and doodle. It wasn't until Marissa was in nursing school in 2013 that she began to research the connection between creativity and healing. She learned at participating in creativity was found to reduce anxiety and depression, boost the immune system, and provide an overall sense of well-being. The lightbulb lit up! So, she approached a local hospital with a program idea: incorporating creativity into patient's lives in an effort to increase health outcomes. For the next year, Marissa worked with pregnant women on bedrest and discovered her passion!

Marissa had already been sharing her story with women but, the more she learned, the more she began adding art as part of her work as a victim advocate. She turned my living room/dining room into an art studio and began hosting art workshops. Then, in 2016, an opportunity arose for Healing Arts Longview (TX) to become Healing Arts Hawaii. For the next two years, she lived in a small mountain town called Wahiawa (HI), doing weekly free art workshops for anyone who was interested. She partnered with local organizations (including the VA and US Vets) to provide trauma-informed art workshops for in-patient drug and alcohol treatment facilities, transitional housing organizations for women on parole, and homeless veterans. She also partnered with two military bases' Sexual Assault Response Teams on-island where she did workshops and was invited to speak for a Wounded Warriors symposium on the effects of creativity on trauma. 

In December of 2018, Marissa moved back to East Texas and now has a home base in Gladewater. She has partnered with two local organizations so far and looks forward to continuing to share her story and the research and experience she's gained over the last decade.

Marissa currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministries and is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene. She is also working on her Master's in Arts in Medicine from the University of Florida. 

Marissa is a single mom to a fabulous 11-year old Burr and a Yorkie puppy named Zuzu. They enjoy going to the beach, singing, and playing with Legos. Marissa is also a fairy godmother to Leila Kai (13). 

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