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When Being Human Sucks...

The chest pain started last night, as it has in the past. Retracing my day's experiences, I narrowed down the trigger. 24 hours later, as I lay in bed surrounded by aromatherapy, auditory imagery, deep breathing, the soft weight of a blanket (and a puppy), and prayer, I'm reminded again that I am human (like the kick to the gut that anxiety attacks are).

And it sucks.

Yes, being human sucks. There. I said it. Because truth is truth. And sometimes honesty about how we're feeling is the best medicine.

Being human sucks for a few reasons, one of which being that we don't have Pegasus-style wings or fairy dust or the ability to breathe underwater. Because one or all of those would definitely make being human a bit more enjoyable!

I won't go into all the factors that make NOT being a magical creature simply intolerable. But I will say this. Just because we have days (or even years) where being human may be a royal pain in the butt, life is still beautiful.

The beauty in the midst of the crappy looks like the gentle pitter-patter of rain on the window while you lay resting, the giggle of your child, the taste of chocolate you really shouldn't be eating, having friends who are totally cool with you wearing Dr. Seuss pajama shorts to answer the door, friends who loan you essential oils and bring you dinner, the warmth you feel when your child tells you they love you, getting a package in the mail, the glow of Christmas lights, etc.

When being human sucks, there's always something beautiful in life to balance it out, if we're willing to look for it.

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