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This is Me

One thing you will learn about me pretty quickly is that I have just a few things that I'm super passionate about...

My Son, Burr

He's pretty awesome! I've kept him mostly to myself for so very long but he's getting ready to turn eleven and, well, the world needs to know what to expect. He's going to be a household name one of these days, I'm just sure of it. Some of what you'll find in future posts here is about our creative home(un)schooling adventures, Burr's wicked genius-ness, and my life raising a freaking cool special needs boy. More about him soon. #Aspie #ADHD #Tourettes

My Zuzu

I'll probably mention her now and then. Zuzu is our Yorkie puppy. She's currently six months old. She's the sweetest baby ever and is our welcoming committee in the shop. You can follow her on Instagram @zuzuyorkie.

My Recovery

Yep, I'm one of the #metoo movement people. I have only snippets of memory before the age of twelve and I am a domestic violence/sexual assault/rape #survivor. My diagnosis include things like Complex PTSD, Chronic Fight or Flight Syndrome, Depression, etc. As you can tell, I'm not ashamed of it and I'm happy to share my journey if it will help someone else navigate theirs. More on this to come as well. #recoveryjourney #therapy

My Work

Paint runs in my veins. My favorite ways to be creative is with papers (collage, mixed media, book binding) and acrylics (mostly representational abstract). I teach trauma-informed art workshops both out of my studio and for partner organizations. More about this to come. #healingarts

My Other Work

I'm also a business owner. I have an adorable 4000 square foot shop called Happy Cabbage, which also houses my art studio and home. In the shop, we have vendors that sell an eclectic mix of vintage collectibles, gift items and keepsakes, art, oddities, and one-of-a-kind finds. I'll post more on this too. #happycabbage #shoplocal

Let's be honest. We all need a place to share or vent or vomit our thoughts. I'm not very good at keeping a written journal so this blog is the next best thing. So stick around, follow, share. I promise to keep it authentic always.

#singlemom #specialneeds #homeschool #unschool #raisingboys #kids #furrbabies

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