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Learning this week

Last night, as we drove home, my 11yo son and I had an interesting conversation. What would happen if the sun exploded? How quickly would it reach earth? We knew light takes 8min to reach the earth from the sun but how fast does heat travel? Would we see a flash of light on earth? Would the planets in our solar system spin off into space since we revolve around the sun? We presented our theories to each other, answering each question as they came to mind.

Then, we drove to a nearby church where I'd been asked to speak for a women's dinner. He played with another little girl "using their imagination," he said.

Today he worked on building a 3-story house in Minecraft that was 16 blocks by 32 blocks. He did the math and told me how many square meters that was. He has been playing Minecraft and Roblox with one specific friend this week. It's so fun to hear the two of them talking and belly laughing with each other on Kids (Facebook) Messenger. One morning this week he woke up before the sun so he could read a book called "Asperkid's Secret Book of Social Rules" by Jennifer Cook O'Toole on his kindle. He chuckles at her personal stories of living with Aspergers. We have an old piano in our shop so he's been practicing piano and doing music theory flash cards. He loves music theory "because of all the math." His favorite song to dance to this week has been something about raining tacos. lol #unschooling #learnwhilewelive

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