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Learning By Living

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

How cool is it that I get to hang out with my super amazing son, record and edit videos with him, and see his eyes light up at the finished product?! He's got so many great ideas! I can't wait to see them become a reality!

Deschooling has turned into unschooling off and on naturally. Yesterday we spent time at the laundromat. While we were there, we ate and giggled and talked, did some reading and drawing, watched some Netflix, and did laundry (of course). Burr's job is to load and unload from the car and the machines, make change, and fold all the towels. (He does it almost as good as I do now! lol) He also loves to visit with others also there doing laundry. He showed one older gentleman how to use the facility's Wi-Fi. He talked to another lady about time zones. And another couple learned all about his new YouTube channel. He waved and smiled at everyone. 😀 After doing laundry we went to the local library. He searched call numbers on the computer for books and videos he was interested in, and then found the items himself. We picked a new read-aloud book. He got some Popular Science and Hot Rod magazines from the free magazine shelf and checked out. Then we came back home to the warmth. After bringing in the laundry, Burr got in some computer time and then he and I worked on his next YouTube video. We closed out the evening watching a movie he got at the library and snacking on popcorn. We did a lot of laughing. (He also ended up making himself a peanut butter sandwich and eating bacon and a popsicle. He's eating me out of house and home, this kid!)

We braved the wet and cold to go to Cub Scouts. I got to sit in the car with the heat Back at home, I made the beds while he got ready for bed. "I love you, mom," was the last thing I heard before he drifted off to sleep. He's doing a lot better now than he was at first. He's able to be creative and pursue things he enjoys. Last week he even found himself a little secret hiding spot in the shop and hung out there while the shop was open. He loved it that people shopping didn't even know he was there. lol He's learning just by playing and gaming and living! And I'm learning too. I've been reading articles, books, and blogs on unschooling, deschooling, connection parenting, demand avoidance, Aspergers (and parenting/schooling Aspergers), and creative learning opportunities like using Netflix/movies, video games, and free time. I'm learning how to facilitate his learning instead of erroneously believing he can only be taught by being lectured by adults. It's freeing...and it's what he needs right now. To boot, he's learning so much just by making his YouTube videos! He's learning about saving his money, preparing his appearance for the camera, camera angles, layering sounds, etc. Be sure to subscribe to his channel at Fox & Friends Furever on YouTube! ☺

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