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Last Night's Adventure

So, I just had to share an activity we did last night that was a big hit! We got in our car and I said, "We're going on an adventure! I'm going to drive. And, for the next hour, you are going to tell me which way to go. The goal is not to get to a destination but just to discover new territory, see new sights, and find new roads." He said he was a little nervous so we talked it through and, as we talked, he got more excited. Finally, we were ready...

As we drove, we each pointed out things along the way. We would see an old building and imagine what it used to be. We pointed out interesting looking trees. We laughed at the names of streets like Windwhirler Avenue and Slime City Road. We awed at the changing colors of the trees and the swirling leaves. We marveled at the colors and cloud designs of the sun setting. And we drove on new roads (highways, rock roads, pot-hole riddled forgotten roads, residential streets), not knowing where it would lead us.

After about an hour, we picked up the GPS and put in the address of a Pizza Hut in our town. We ended up being about 20 minutes away from home, south of a neighboring town. It was fun to see where we landed!

We made it to Pizza Hut, enjoyed our pizza and drove home. We decided to do this activity again but to add something to it: He decided next time that he would write down what roads we took and which way we turned, some unique things we saw, and then, after we got home, he would create a map. (I'll be sure to share a picture of the map next time!)

Overall, this adventure was a hit!

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