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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Ever had expectations that weren't met? I can totally relate! I think I can safely say that this was the worst "vacation" we've ever had. The word "vacation" is in quotes because it was far from what a vacation is supposed to be. We'd been planning this trip for months. We had counted down. We had made lists and packed and prepared and painted our nails. We drove to the port in Galveston and boarded the Carnival Vista, fully prepared for some fun in the sun, rest in the breeze, and I was looking forward to seven full days of painting and listening to podcasts. We unpacked our suitcases, hung our Christmas lights and paper snowflakes, and headed to the lido deck to grab dinner. We knew what to expect. My son was super excited to hang out with other kids and spend a lot of time on the water slides. Unlimited pizza and ice cream. Room service breakfast. Yummy fresh pineapple. Live music. But instead of our expectations being somewhere close to met, one or both of us was sick or in Flu A and B quarantine the entire trip! We spent 6 out of 7 days in our windowless stateroom sleeping, reading, and watching strange kids TV shows. Now, granted, it was not the vacation we expected or wanted. And, true, we didn't get to enjoy near the yummy foods we had planned. But... * I had downloaded lots of amazing podcasts that I got to listen to while I painted at the desk in our room. * We had a week-long computer fast. * My son and I got to hang out a LOT. * My son and I got to hang out in our pajamas a LOT. * We got room service for just about every meal. * We laughed (and then coughed) at the silly nickelodeon tv shows. * We stayed up late several times (because we slept most of the day). * Our steward cleaned our room, made our bed, fluffed our pillows, and put a cute towel animal on our bed every day. * We ate chocolate and drank hot tea. * We listened to meditations. * I had a lot of time to think about business plans for Happy Cabbage and Healing Arts Here. When faced with frustrations, we can find ways to be grateful. When expectations aren't met, we can set new intentions. When life gives us lemons, we can always start with self-compassion and then smile at the lemons. #expectations #selfcompassion #Christmascruise #lifelemons #gratefulness #grateful #carnivalvista #vacay #selfhelp #intentions #bossbabe

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