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Mondays are my day off. Typically Mondays were all about personal self-care. In other words, Mondays are for me. To sleep. To rest. To be leisure. To stay in my pajamas. To hang out with my favorite Netflix characters. To read. To do whatever suits my fancy. To celebrate relaxation.

But today. Today was for celebrating something else.

I have only known Michelle a few months, when she came into Happy Cabbage to be a new vendor. She's witty and authentic and smart. And she's really knowledgeable about a subject matter that I enjoy but have no knowledge about: plants and flowers! That degree in horticulture sure helps her! 🌹

For the first time today, I had the opportunity to see her amazing garden for myself! Take a look.....

It's the kind of place where you could get lost because, as Anne Shirley would say, there is just so much scope for the imagination!

It's the kind of garden where fairies dance with hummingbirds and the trees are filled with chirping.

It's also the place where she officially joined hearts with her beloved today. The ceremony was simple but not understated. It was truly magical. Her talents were evident everywhere: the floral arrangements, her bouquet, the flowers on the cake, even the dried flower sachets given to those who attended.

I count myself lucky to call her a friend and celebrate with her today!

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