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Last night, my son had one wish for the night before his birthday...he wanted to lay in my bed and talk. So, we did. We laid down, snuggled in, and talked about his day. He shared with me what he had learned from the YouTube videos he'd watched and how he had learned (from those videos) different ways to build things in Minecraft. He talked about how he had experimented in Minecraft with different techniques and had finally mastered what he'd seen them do. He said he learned a lot more about red stone and making TNT canons and moats around his multi-story "secret hide out". He also showed me his creations that he had built as part of a building contest with other players. They were amazing and super imaginative!

He woke up this morning singing "Happy Birthday" to himself and then climbed into bed with me and took a nap. lol We got up eventually (once a decent rising hour arrived :) ) and took some fun birthday pictures of him.

After a few photos, he grabbed his tablet, cranked up some music, and danced until he was out of breath! Then, he pulled up YouTube and watched videos in between birthday phone calls.

My son is such an incredible kid, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom! He is on the Autism spectrum and has been diagnosed ADHD and Tourettes, each with their challenges. He has better days than others but his good days are always filled with random jokes he's made up, comics he's drawn, Lego creations, incredible Minecraft builds, music and dancing, really deep questions and lots of belly laughs!

I do have to say that he is much more relaxed now that we have started unschooling! We're beginning to find our rhythm.

We finished out his birthday day with dinner at his favorite place, going to see Christmas lights, eating birthday 🎂, and watching some Lego Star Wars. Overall, it was a great day to celebrate!

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