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Akamai Academy!

Burr and I came up with a name, mascot, and colors for our home/unschool! Akamai in Hawaiian means "smart, wise, intelligent." Burr said that cheetah is our mascot, not just because of their speed, but also because they slow down and think before they act. And our colors are yellow and black, of course.

Akamai Academy is still in the transition process but going well. As I continue to research and try unschooling ideas, the more I love it.


Like most kids Burr's age, he loves technology. So, I'm learning how to incorporate that into his learning. One of the ways we are unschooling is by utilizing Netflix. Y'all, there are so many super amazing documentaries on Netflix for young sponges!

I've recently learned of some apps that are games but allow the user to do math, English/spelling, science/physics, history/geography, etc. A few of the ones we're now using in addition to Roblox, Minecraft, and Prodigy are Dragon Box algebra, Wheel of Fortune, and Wordscapes.

YouTube used with parental supervision is also a great resource.

We also use a dance DVD for exercise on the days that it's too cold or rainy to run outside.


Having our art studio gives us space to spread projects out, which we'll be doing more of around the holidays.

He started doing Bible Quizzing this summer. He participated in a recent competition and didn’t miss any questions!

We found a Boy Scouts pack just a couple blocks from our house! He ended up knowing a couple of the boys in his pack so he’s able to see them every week.

We also read for 45 minutes to an hour each night before bed. He always begs for one more chapter!


It inevitably it comes up but I’m not worried about it.

#1 I was homeschooled from 3rd-12th grades and I turned out fine. 😊

#2 Burr socializes with people in the shop all the time. (Real life isn’t about being able to socialize with 21 other peers but about being able to socialize with all ages.) He also participates (when he wants to) in my weekly kid’s art classes in the shop.

#3 Right now, Burr is out at the park with one of his friends and he has two other friends planning sleep-overs with him. He’s not at a loss for socializing!

#4 Boy scouts!


With unschooling, there’s some parenting things that had to change. I'm learning how to use connection parenting instead of authoritarian parenting (the way I was raised), because Burr just does NOT respond to that (time outs, losing privileges, punishment/reward, etc.). It's a learning curve for both of us.

There's nothing easy about parenting a special needs child as a single working mom. But I'm so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to home/unschool him so that he can excell at his own pace, invest time into things he's passionate about, and connect with me on learning life skills. It's a blessing!

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